Corporate Gifts

Make a Great Impression!

There are many reasons to give tasty, locally made popcorn gifts from Laughing Mountain Popcorn within your company setting. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • boost office morale
  • motivate before a project deadline
  • thank for loyalty or overtime
  • improve meeting atmosphere
  • celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and promotions

We can help you choose the ideal gift for an individual, a department, or a whole company. Maybe that meeting–that’s not always happily anticipated (or is that everyone else’s company..?)–could use a fun focal point to get off on the right foot. A popcorn bar filled with sweet and savory flavors to suit a variety of tastes will always be greeted with smiles and gratitude. After all, everybody thinks much better with a good snack. We do. How else would we come up with all these awesome flavors?

Stop in soon to be inspired by a real live popcorn bar already set up in our shop, and let us help you start planning how your next event can be made into something memorable. Even if it is just another meeting.

If you’re trying to make a good impression with prospects, clients, or business associates, a tastefully arranged gift basket complete with your company’s logo items (got coffee mugs?) or custom tins designed with your logo brimming with local favorite flavors might just be the difference between a so-so relationship and one that’s taken to the next level. There’s something truly special about a locally made, handcrafted gift. They’ll love you for being so thoughtful, then they’ll be impressed by your good taste. Now that’s a great impression!

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